I am finishing up my PhD in the Brown Lab in the Department of Biology at Portland State University. I am supported as an ASEE SMART scholar and following my Spring 2018 graduation, will work with the Health Effects Research Program, Toxicology Directorate, US Army Public Health Center in Edgewood, MD. There I will be using my genetics training to assess the toxicological profiles of chemicals of interest to the Department of Defense.

Prior to grad school I worked in the Slayden Lab at Oregon National Primate Research Center. Research in the Slayden lab focuses on the etiology and pathophysiology of endometriosis, the molecular processes involved in menstruation, and the development of novel contraceptives. In my (almost) five year tenure at the Primate Center, I liked my job so much that I quit (!!!) and headed back to school to pursue a terminal degree.

My almost, but not quite, all-encompassing fields of study are Geno-Eco-Evo-Repro. How’s that for a mouthful! I also enjoy a bit of biostatistics and bioinformatics.

Check out my CV


Me ‘n my dog Eddie on the Oregon coast. Look how cute he is!


Vacationing on the Yucatan peninsula with a do-it-yourself spa day at Rio Lagartos.

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  1. awesome blog site 🙂 If you have time after you clean up Chesapeake Bay, I know Puget Sound and Hood Canal could use some advice on reducing pollutants in the environment 🙂


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